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I recently stumbled across a writing on Fetlife called, Fuck Cancer by my friend Master Leo where I learned his leathergem was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in April. My heart dropped and I knew I had to do something. Over the years I have watched Master Leo and leathergem spend tons of money and time traveling to teach all over the country and logging into to teach at countless virtual events inspiring folks around the world with their openness and care. They full heartedly share their growths, vulnerability, authenticity, and wisdoms over and over again with hundreds of folks expecting nothing in return. I believe that community doesn't just mean enjoying each other's company at an amazing weekend conference but it means giving back to those who have given so much to us in their time of need. With this intention in mind Spreading Leather Love was formed to be a one day virtual education and community building event with all proceeds donated to Master Leo and his leathergem.

I am humbled, and grateful for the help of My Master Marcus, Lady Catherine and her House: Jack, Cynthia, and Devaena.

In Leather Heart, and Community,
Always, slave joy

Master Leo's words

Gem was diagnosed, on her birthday in April, with Stage 4 Large Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma. This is a rare and aggressive form of cancer and it is in her lungs, lymph nodes, adrenal glands and liver. Prognosis is typically 8-12 months but Master Leo and gem are going to do all the things they can to kick it's butt. Gem is currently undergoing high dose chemotherapy and immunotherapy and is unable to work anymore due to symptoms of the cancer and it's treatment. They both look forward to getting back to their teaching and presenting as soon as they can.


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All donations minus GoFundMe fees will go directly to Master Leo and leathergem

About Master Leo and leathergem

Master Leo (He/Him) and leathergem (her/she) live a 24/7 TPE Master/slave relationship structured in protocols and rituals involving the chemistry of Leather, spirituality, and consent-non-consent. Their deep connection fuels the energy that allows them to live unapologetically for who they are.

They live by the code to "Each one Teach one" and are dedicated to serving the community.

Together they own the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club in Largo, Florida.

Master Leo is the Co-Director of MAsT-Tampa, the founder of The Leather Cultivation Project.


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Sept. 10th 2023

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Fuck Cancer

I have thought long and hard about what I should say about the medical diagnosis gem has received.

My gem, on her birthday April 6th was diagnosed with stage 4 rare and aggressive lung cancer.

We are both fighters and are going to be doing everything in our power to get through this together. It is gems body, and I want her to make the decisions for herself. I support her 100%.

I can't thank those enough who have been there thus far and supported us. gem and I are grateful for this support that will continue to be there because that is what chosen family does.

Are we scared? Yes.
But we look fear in the face and tell it too fuck off because we are fierce and will fight this with everything we have.

Master Leo

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