Shadow Land

Shadow land is a site dedicated to the making in person, virtual and hybred community events, conferences, education accessable, easy and fun.

It’s a place to find events including conferences, classes, webinars, videos and information of all kinds.

It’s a place to connect with other members of your community, the ones that you know and the ones that you are about to know.

It’s a place to learn from and interact with some of your favorite presenters and educators in the community as well as discover a wealth of information from new people that you would otherwise not have the opportunity to hear from.

But most of all it’s a place for us to come together.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!


Shadow Land is a portal to a wide variety of events across the world. As many events have moved online providing an opportunity to take advantage of many more events than would normally be possible.

We provide a directory of events that is growing every day so check back often to deepen your knowledge base, make new friends and interact with people in the community.

We make it easy to host your event with no technology skills needed, and best of all it's Free


Shadow Land provides a unique opportunity for presenters and educators to network with sponsors and organizers to identify new opportunities to get your important message out.

By creating a free profile you will be able to list classes that you provide making it easy for organizers to find you as well as a simplified way for you to reach out to organizers.

Once you have an event scheduled Shadow Land provides many ways to improve your interaction with participants.

    Managing schedules, reminders and time zones. Control over who attends. Sharing information (handouts, photos, questionaries, etc.) Ratings and feedback. Monetize your work (Tip jars, contributions, attendance fees, etc.) You are in control. Help in scheduling online events. Many More.

Shadow Land is free for presenters, educators, participants, organizers and sponsors!


Whether you are organizing a single class, multiple class events or large multiday conferences Shadow Land makes it easy and lets you focus on the more important work that you love.

Anyone who has organized an event knows that there are a thousand things to do and doing them all yourself it taxing, we aim to help with critical aspects, leaving you time to focus on the event itself and getting your message out to the community.

How can we help?

    Marketing – Easy to setup web page, listing on our events calendar, etc. Participation management (reminder emails, time zones, scheduling, payments, etc.) Finding/organizing presenters – Leverage our library of presenters, view there past and current presentations, ratings, fees, etc. Analytics – From event planning to post event wrap up you’ll be able to see how many people signed up, how many attended, ratings/feedback, etc. Monetize – Host a free, paid or donation recommended event.

Best of all, it’s free!


Shadow Land provides a unique opportunity to market to your ideal customer in a non-intrusive way that customers will appreciate it.

By signing up for free you will be listed in our directory making it easy for event organizers to find you and reach out about sponsorship opportunities. This will greatly increase your ability to reach members in our community.

Once partnered with an event organizer you will have options to customize your sponsorship for that specific event at a level that makes sense for you and your business.

Access to the Shadow Land Sponsor portal is free, event sponsorships start as low as $10 per event., no commitment.